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    Is there anybody running the NRL.
    We saw the latest debarcle of changing rules mid comp on the weekend when McInnes was panalised for passing the ball into an offside opponent.
    Sure this rule was telegraphed and McInnes should have known, but as someone stated before, now the opposition can loiter in the ruck and interfere with where the opposition direct thier play.
    If your standing in the ruck, they can only pass to one side of the field.
    Did no one at the NRL see this coming?
    They did need to stop this this, but it has always been illegal for a player not to make a genuine attempt to clear the ruck, Jackson standing at first receiver with his arms up is not any attempt at all.

    Now don’t get me started about the play from the Storm the other night when, I think Munster, ran behind his own players and fell to the ground with the opposition defensive line 10m away from him.
    That is a “voluntary tackle” which has always been illegal and should have been penalised but never is these days.
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    Thanks Dua Lipa

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