No more Dallying...stats, stats, STAAAATTTTS!!!

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    Several big questions before the final game of the regular season...

    ...will Adam Reynolds bull his way to every frikkin' individual award...

    ...okay, that's really the only big question...and the answer to that is, although his performance has been truly impressive, not even close...and when he's not on the pitch, he'll be looking toward South America...

    ...first, DallyM points, all those with ten or more, stand UP, please:


    So, the only one that can catch Reynolds now is Mike Cooper of the Minor Premiers...and to do that, he'll have to perform against the hottest side in the league right now, in Ponte Preta..., can Reynolds try to land in goal enough? Tenners and up:


    Maybe not Adam, but Bulls' Josh Reynolds certainly can try...and so can Celtics' Cooper...but this may belong to Konrad Hurrell, who may not score any against the Minor Premiers this weekend, but there aren't many three try games around, so we wait with bated breath... we do with the kicking...all major kickers, don't stand up, rest your legs:


    Notice that Adam Reynolds has won this in both conversions and conversion percentage - but he has company near the century mark, as Daly Cherry-Evans is just five short of his century, and is less than one percent less accurate - in fact, Reynolds and Cherry-Evans are the only major kickers with conversion rates over 90 percent.

    And finally, we know the scoring race is over, don't we? All those with 50 points or more, stand UP, please!


    The big question, can Danny Brough of the Minor Premiers get nine points in tries and kicks to reach a double ton, to join Adam Reynolds and Daly Cherry-Evans? That may be asking a lot, but he has a decent chance, certainly...
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    A top read as always.

    I'll be writing up a full Dally M ceremony next weekend to announce all of the winners too.

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