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No team has ever won the premiership after conceding 50pts in a regular season match

I Bleed Maroon

We now cross live to the Sutherland Shire...



I believed in the Sharks. I was behind the times, still think they had that gritty mentality of their premiership year. They’ve lost that, they should have never bought Moylan and Johnson, they’ve been corroded. Fitzgibbon has nothing and it was a big decision, the type it takes years to admit was wrong and course correct on. If Hynes stayed at the grubs he’d be their fullback now and they’d be looking real pretty, but he’d also be three quarters of a mil worse off so isn’t really a plausible possibility.

Mr. Shaman

First Grade
Here's an impossible question

What happens if, hypothetically, every single team except Parramatta, the Titans, the Raiders, the Dragons, the Knights and the Tigers concedes 50?

I mean I assume the world ends
How dare thee proclaim the mighty PANTHERS concede 50 you filthy pleb! Besmirch besmirch!

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