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Non Footy Chat Thread II

Gary Gutful

Top 100 Golf Courses in Australia announced again. They get ranked every 2 years.

Top 3 remains unchanged and would probably be my Top 3 as well.

1. Royal Melbourne West (VIC)
2. Cape Wickham (TAS)
3. Barnbougle Dunes (TAS)


Ron Jeremy

Yeah the first thing I would do when I have lost my son while my wife is in hospital is to spam Facebook and Twitter 😐

Yep, dont get me wrong I do think there is a lot of shit covered up and BS out there. But if I lost a close family member or child I find it hard to believe you have the energy and will to write an essay. You are just thinking about being close with your loved ones and having support. I would isolate myself and do nothing.

Ron Jeremy

Changed my diet to Aussie Bodies Keto bars. Just when you thought your farts couldn't get any worse. I am like that kid from Peanuts - constant fog of fart surrounds me atm.


First Grade
So Rafa is in a 4thset quarter final and ch 9 are showing a f**king doubles match instead? f**k me
Just walked past the TV, saw the "Special K's" were playing... Are they seriously showing doubles ahead of singles just because 2 Aussie boneheads are playing?

Not that I really care, hate that sport and the entitled brats that play it....

Say, whatever happened to that Serbian fellow? Good player, went by the name Novax or similar... Is he playing?
Kygrios smashed the ball into the crowd unnecessarily, smacked a kid in the head, felt like shit, gave him a raquet, now he is a hero ... lol, people are easily won over
I didn't see him hit it but saw them praising him for giving the racquet. Djokovic was disqualified from the US open for hitting a line judge FFS.

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