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People you want to punch in the face


Ill add to the MAFS rant. Didnt watch was a massive segment on the radio devoted to it so i got the story. "Husband" pikes it on a date and sends a last minute message cancelling it and is drinking with the boys. Gets a reply with a thumbs up emoji and thinks (like everyone else with a shred of logic) thinks its all good then.

Well no, she was actually really pissed off and sent it sarcastically instead of well...anything else because chick logic.

The worst part (and who deserves several punches to the face) is the many chicks that rang in and blasted the guy on facebook without the slightest hint that what she did wasnt just outright geniused.

Definition of chick logic right there. Only thinng i can think of to beat it is if one stopped and wave for me to pull out in front of her onto a road and then getting angry and ramming me into the guardrail