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Player Nicknames


Remember when Jack Elsegood hit the scence with Manly.

For about 12months the Media, the NSWRL/ARL listed him as Barry Elsegood etc. then it came out that it was just a nickname, and the started calling him Jack.


I enjoyed reading this thread again.

The 'Ogre' was a good one for Mark O’Meley.
Norm ‘Sticks’ Provan, Reg ‘Puff’ Gasnier, Johnny ‘Chook’ Raper and Graeme ‘Changa’ Langlands.

Roy & HG came up with some beauties such as Glenn ‘The Brick With Eyes’ Lazarus,
Petro Civoniceva ‘Petrol Seventy-Cents-A-Litre’ , Brett ‘The Grassy Knoll’ Dallas,
Benny ‘The Crimean War’ Elias, and
Jason ‘Pastor’ Stevens.

From the Sea Eagles... After paying Cliffy Lyons the ultimate compliment in dubbing him ‘God’, they went on to name Steve Menzies ‘Jesus’, because he was always right there at God’s right hand.

Honourable mentions
Greg ‘Brandy’ Alexander
Steve ‘The Zip Zip Man’ Ella
Coen ‘Ivan Drago’ Hess
Mario ‘Maltese Falcon’ Fenech
Graham ‘Wombat’ Eadie
Josh ‘Tablecloth’ McGuire ‘Waltzing’ Matt Hilder.

What's some of the latest NRL nicks?
"The Chin"...is that just a forum thing or is it Nathan's official tag.
“The Cheese” Brandon Smith [like those big cheese rings they toll down hills]
"Johnny Bravo" Liam Knight... I can't see the resemblance.
"Grub" Josh Reynolds... apparently he doesn't shower that often.
Any more?


I played on a team with Always Green. He got the nickname “bludger” from the fellas because he is a f**king lazy merkin. Like on the field he would dog it.
He basically got kicked off a social team.


First Grade
Thought you were going to mention Tom "Sydney" Arbor.

John DALLAS Donnelly
Tom terrific Raudonikis
Mick Ginger meggs Neil
Bruce Bruiser Clark
Bruce Sloth Gibbs
John Joe Cool Dorahy

Ray -Mr Perpetual Motion- Price
Turvey Mortimer
Brandy Alexander
Zip |Zip man Steve Ella
Bert Kenny
Craig 'Albert' Young
Rod Rocket Reddy
Mick Crow Cronin
Bunny Reilly (buggered if I can recall his first name.)
Horrie hastings
Tommy started as Tom Ridiculous


First Grade
Gee that's a good question as I was a young lad when I met him, I just called him Pete.
I'll ask Carol the next time I speak to her.
Another couple of Saints.
Ken Killer Kearney
Ian Abdul Walsh
Kevin Kandos Ryan

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