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Rd20: Parra v Roosters GAME DAY thread @ Mackay 29/7/21


I agree we're missing Moses. If he doesn't return we can expect more of the same. We also have harder teams coming up, so we can expect to score fewer points than if we were playing weaker defences. I don't know why you need this explained to you.
I don't but the sheer ignorance by you to acknowledge we are clueless against rushing defences and we have zero footy smarts in the opposition 20 is nothing short of astounding but not unexpected...
Again our attack is inept. Scoring tries from kicks will not always work. Like it didn't last night.
I think we stand too deep and because our passing is slow and predictable just puts our players under extra pressure.
We look good when running onto the ball and passing or popping the ball and someone is following through. However the catch and pass and shift sideways is akin to u10s footy

forward pass

Why don't you spend the time and have a look? I see Drown as more of a fullback in our structure. His job is to run the ball. Gutherson is the playmaker, topping TAs for our team. Mahoney is also the top hooker in the NRL for TAs. Do we really need to share the good ball with Drown as well? Let him play to his strengths, which are running the ball and tackling. Putting him in a role that didn't suit him would be poor coaching.
I don’t need to look it up. I guarantee without even looking the answer is zero. Why would you play a halve who’s only job is to run? If that’s the case then play him at lock and bring in a player who can create things.

It always amazes me how many Eels fans accept mediocrity.


Post Whore
Yep. Easy. Just ring 1800 CREATE THINGS. They'll be able supply someone.
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Morrie is our only hope.
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