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Rd4: EELS v Panthers GAME DAY THREAD @ Commbank Stadium 23/3/2023


Post Whore
I agree with the 17 - however I don't see Matalele coming into NRL early at all. Maybe a few games before the end of the season, if we are facing injuries in teh forwards.

Only change to "first choice" I'm predicting might be moving Hands to 9, and the "game breaker" to 14, with Hodgson to NSW Cup about round 12.

Yeah depends on form and injuries. I feel once he gets into NRL like Penisni he won't go back.
Anyone know his age?


What about our best 17 if everyone's fit?
It's tough cause I'd go like this

8 jnr
9 Hodgson
10 Rcg
11 Lane
12 Bryce
13 Hopgood

14 Hands
15 Matterson
16 Doorey
17 Makatoa

I think Matalele comes in the side by about rnd 12 but where do you fit him?
I still have my doubts with carty on the right edge

I still think he should be on the bench and replace hopgood and to play a similar role with controlled offloads not willie nilly ones


Finally home and just watched the game. My MOTM is Hopgood. What a player. Tireless. Many outstanding efforts. RCG, Penisini and Moses. Gutho so reliable. Waqa still needs a new home if we are to proceed. We just cant continue to carry this guy. Yes a couple of bright spots but holy fu*k hes an accident waiting to happen.
Fox commentary was ok except for Ennis. If that bloke hasnt got an axe to grind Im a Dutchman. He should be sacked after that performance. What an A grade knob.
Hopgoods best play was getting an hia.

He needs the break because he goes hard at everything. The matto to middle feom the edge and doorey to edge worked well and i hope ba will see that


Staff member
Matto can help fill in for jnr, he can play middle or edge. Same with Murchie but not in Matto's class.

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