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Reasons to be Cheerful Pt. 3...

Old Timer

Believe it or not for every game that goes by we that is one game less we have to endure and we actually are 1 game closer to getting out of this miserable hell hole we find ourselves in.

Dragon David

First Grade
Thanks DD. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to stop myself from checking the scores though! 😟
The beauty of technology allows us to keep up to date with all sports no matter where you are.

I remember being in the UK, Europe and Canada in 1977 and there was no local papers or tv sports news about our rugby league comp. I had to wait a week or so for letters to come via my brother and they included the sports updates particularly of the results of the Dragons and as we all know, that was a great year for the club with Harry Bath's babes winning us that beautiful premiership.

Win, lose or draw remember it is only a game so just enjoy your holiday.

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