Redskins keen to unload Haynesworth before draft day

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    Redskins remain willing to unload Haynesworth

    [​IMG] By Jason La Canfora |

    The Washington Redskins remain willing to unload defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, according to league sources, in hopes of dealing him prior to the draft. Haynesworth has made a poor impression with new coach Mike Shanahan, according to sources, and attempts to deal him to Philadelphia were not isolated.

    Several executives believe the most likely option for Haynesworth -- if not the only option -- would be a return to Tennessee, where he played his best football and where he remains close with defensive line coach Jim Washburn. Finding a financial agreement could prove difficult -- Haynesworth had a $21 million bonus this month, which the Redskins would most certainly want some buy-back on -- as the Titans are generally prudent in their spending.

    Shanahan is worried about Haynesworth's negative impact on chemistry, as he is reluctant to move to nose tackle in a 3-4 and is not taking part in offseason activities. Shanahan's initial meeting with Haynesworth did not go well, according to sources, and the coach is trying to break the culture of players being too empowered at Redskins Park. Haynesworth also has a strained relationship with many teammates in Washington, and dealing the defensive tackle would endear Shanahan to the locker room, according to team sources.

    League sources believe the Titans would take Haynesworth back at the right price. Tennessee tried to retain him in free agency, but bowed out when the Redskins signed him to a record contract worth roughly $42 million guaranteed. Shanahan and Titans coach Jeff Fisher are also close friends, which could aid the completion of a deal.

    Despite being the subject of trade rumors, Haynesworth still plans on reporting for the Redskins' minicamp being held April 16-18, an NFL source has told The Washington Post.

    The Redskins are also continuing to look at defensive linemen, and are strongly interested in acquiring Adam Carriker from St. Louis, as we first reported weeks ago, a deal that could also well be concluded by the draft.


    My my my how things change, sounds like Shanahan is trying to change the culture in DC
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    Why in the hell did they sign him in the first place? No wonder that team hasn't been any good for sometime.
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    Well if they get rid of him, you imagine they would take one of Suh, McCoy or Okung. 3 fine choices to fill in the gaps.

    I don't know what sort of picks they can get for Haynesworth. Last 2 years with different teams and not getting along with coaches, who would be keen for him now?

    Plus he is around 35 now right?

    I can see a 3rd to 4th round pick going for him though.
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    who knows why the redskins do anything they do.

    that's right, they've got snyder as an owner.

    seeing they've already paid hayneswaoth $21m this year i doubt he's going anywhere unless a team is willing to pay the redskins about $16.8m for the right to trade for the big lump.

    you gotta love the way snyder throws away good money to overpriced free agents. will shanahan be able to change his ways?

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    TBF to Haynesworth he didnt really cause that much hassle last year, besides his lack of production. I mean you hear rumblings of player discontent but in the states when a guy in your locker room earning that dough, that will always be the case. Simply jealousy
    I mean Portis is more poisonous as a team mate than Fat Albert is.

    Its really only since Shanahan has come in that trouble has really started to brew. And thats because its well established that Fat Albert has no interest in playing in a 3-4 D as a NT. The man wants to be in a 4 front.
    He's got to shut up and deal with it i agree, but i dont think you can lay the blame at Snyder for this one. He probably had no idea at the time of paying Haynesworth a kings randsom, that in 12 months time his football team would be switching to a 3-4 and that Shanahan would be coaching.

    But im glad Andy Reid basically cut the skins off before they finished their sentence re Haynesworth being involved in the McNabb trade... they didnt even reach discussions about price... apparently AR said straight out "No, we're not interested" :lol:
    He's only 28 so i can still see SOME value in him, but not at the price the skins have him at.
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    Raiders fans know what I am talking about.

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