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Round 10 vs. Manly Sea Eagles Discussion

Big Pete

Manly Sea Eagles vs. Brisbane Broncos
Suncorp Stadium, Friday 13 May 2021
Kick Off: 7:55pm


1. Tom Trbojevic 2. Christian Tuipulotu 3. Ben Trbojevic 4. Tolutau Koula 5. Reuben Garrick 6. Kieran Foran 7. Daly Cherry-Evans 8. Josh Aloiai 9. Lachlan Croker 10. Sean Keppie 11. Haumole Olakau'atu 12. Ethan Bullemor 13. Jake Trbojevic

Interchange: 14. Dylan Walker 15. Andrew Davey 16. Martin Taupau 17. Toafofoa Sipley

Reserves: 18. Kurt De Luis 19. Morgan Harper 20. Kaeo Weekes 21. James Roumanos 22. Josh Schuster 23. Jamie Humphreys 24. Jacob Sykes


1. Te Maire Martin 2. Corey Oates 3. Kotoni Staggs 4. Herbie Farnworth 5. Selwyn Cobbo 6. Tyson Gamble 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Corey Jensen 9. Billy Walters 10. Payne Haas 11. Kurt Capewell 12. Jordan Riki 13. Patrick Carrigan

Interchange: 14. Cory Paix 15. Kobe Hetherington 16. Thomas Flegler 17. Keenan Palasia

Reserves: 18. Brenko Lee 19. TC Robati 20. Rhys Kennedy 21. Ezra Mam 22. Jordan Pereira 23. Ryan James 24. Jake Turpin


Big Pete

The Broncos welcome back Payne Haas and Kurt Capewell ahead of this week's Magic Round showdown against Manly. Both of them are handy inclusions but controversially it comes at the expense of Kobe Hetherington (bench) and TC Robati (reserves) who were among the Broncos best against South Sydney. Kevie will be hoping that they justify the faith shown in them as they take on a Sea Eagles outfit who sit above them on the ladder at 7th.

It'll be a good gut-check for the Broncos who are looking to make it four wins on the trot for the first time since 2017. I think if the Broncos are going to achieve it, it will come off the back of their forwards and them winning that arm wrestle. If they can create that second phase and bring Kotoni into the game they could take Manly out of the game.

Where they'll want to be careful is defending DCE and his kicking game. Manly have had a lot of success off DCE's boots and with the Broncos back three I'm sure DCE will be looking to test them as often as possible. Martin especially is going to have to hang back and spend less time in the defensive line. I expect at least one attempt at a 1-1 contest with Tom Trbojevic so kick pressure and getting bodies around the ball will be paramount.


Staff member
I feel like the wet weather might be good for us in this match up. It should help to nullify a bit Turbo and the other speedsters Manly have out wide. Our main strike weapon Staggs relies more on power than speed. We have a strong forward pack that Reynolds should kick well behind. It will still be a tough game, but I think we are a chance, something I wouldn't be saying two weeks ago!


Unless I'm missing something, the change seems to be the hooker and fullback thats made the difference and now Reynolds is playing better then he did at Souths.

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