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Round 12 - Rabbitohs vs Tigers: Saturday 28th May 5:30pm @Accor Stadium


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Well, here we are. Saturday has rolled around and that means game day has once again too!! Such a huge day for our our club. It is Indigenous Round, such a special Round, one of the most significant of the year, especially for our club. Today we celebrate the great culture and celebrate all Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people past, present and future. We will be wearing our special Indigenous jerseys to mark the occasion. Not only that, but this evening is so important in terms of the result. Absolute must win game for us, potentially Season defining. No more excuses, our backs are against the wall. It's time to lift and get the job done!!

Certainly not going to be easy tonight against the Tigers. They have been struggling again a bit but for whatever reason, they are a bogey side of ours. They always seem to lift when playing us and either give us a close game or put in a big upset and get the result over us. This was evidenced by our Round 7 game against them. I'm expecting that to happen again tonight so we must be wary and be prepared for that. Hopefully a different result this time and we doo not want tot lose to them twice in a Season that's for sure. They've got some strike players like Laurie, Naden, a few young outside backs, Hastings, Brooks and obviously a big forward pack lead by Tamou and Leilua. Certainly in for a tough game tonight.

For us, as I have said it's must win tonight. A loss and we are in big trouble, potentially Season over to tonight really could define our Season. Our backs are against the wall so I just want to see the boys go out there, play with passion, play with effort and fire up to get the job done. Cut out the errors and stick to what works for us, focus and don't go away from that. Our destiny really is in our own hands because I have no doubt that if we play well tonight, we'll be too good for the Tigers. It just depends which Souths side shows up and that's the challenge for us. As I have also said, there's no more excuses. This is the strongest line up we've named in a while and we have a real boost with some star forwards returning. No more excuses.

If Indigenous Round and playing in that jersey doesn't lift us, then I don't know what will. We need to turn our Season around and that must begin this evening. Huge game in a special Round, let's get it done!!!! Fire up everyone!!


This is a game where Cody especially needs to play his heart out! As you said Callmack no more excuses. Everyone needs to lift for this game, little to no errors, completion rates up, no stupid penalties like we seem to love to do so much.



Well here we are Game Day is here once more and this round marks Indigenous Round a very special round for our club always has been and will be special as always to all our indigenous boys and the whole South Sydney community. And it’s a very important game we have been missing some key players of late but we get a couple of those back tonight. We have been so up and down lately currently sitting at 5 wins and 6 losses has been disappointing. For us we need to get back to doing the little things and effort areas well. First and foremost that starts with starting the game well and the boys coming in with the right attitude. We certainly must complete at better than 65percent completions which is what we have been doing you just can’t win games doing this so we simply must be better that’s our biggest work on. Second biggest work on is we’ve been leaking far too many points over 30 points a game last few weeks it is simply not good enough everyone has to work harder at bringing the right attitude in defence. We must stop giving the silly penalties away as well and stop the offloads. When things dont go our way or we get a dud call or face some adversity I want to see the boys show some resilience and dig deep for one another. Last week I felt pride wasn’t shown in the jersey and that’s not South Sydney so I hope the boys took a long hard look at themselves. Now is the time to find a way to win going into the bye no matter how ugly it is before our season slips away. If we lose tonight I think our season could very well be over cant see us making the 8 from here if we can’t get it done so we must go 6 and 6. Getting Murray and Nicholls back will be big boosts for us but we can’t expect Murray to do it all everyone needs to lift. I’m looking forward to seeing Nikorima at the back as well. Another thing we must be better on is our last tackle options they’ve left a lot to be desired and we release the pressure valve far too often.

Looking at the Tigers they get Laurie and Brooks back which will be dangerous and they have Hastings in fine form. Tamou has been playing well for them up front with Ofa as well and Luciano tends to go well against us. So we need to be on high alert as we know the Tigers are a bogey side for us in that it doesn’t matter where both of us are on the ladder we all know they’re often very close tight and scrappy games. Last time we played them they completed above 90percent and did the basics right. So yeah it won’t be easy. The Tiges have had crisis talks about this being a GF for them this week but I feel it kinda is for us too so we need to want it more.

Also I would just like to mention AJ is 2 tries off equaling the top try scoring record in our history. I would love nothing more than for us to win tonight and he to equal that record and I’m also dreaming of AJ getting a hat trick and breaking the record tonight at home it would be such a proud and spine tingling moment if he could do it at home in front of our diehards. Speaking of tonight’s crowd I’m not expecting a big win but that’s ok we don’t want the bandwagoners supporters there who only come out when things are going well. I’d much rather it be us diehard members out there right behind the boys and we all need to still make plenty of noise trying to get that extra penalty or six again for the boys. Tonight I wanna hear that South Sydney chant around Accor Stadium urging the boys home.

Ok not long til the players make their way onto Accor Stadium here tonight. Lets do everything we can yo get the boys home with those 2 vital competition points tonight and maintain our place in the top 8. Let’s make sure everyone watching at home knows that this is South Sydney home turf and a South Sydney home game....................

Ok as we look down the tunnel here at Accor Stadium we can see the away team the Tigers starting to make their way down the tunnel................. Rabbitohs members and Rabbitohs supporters please give a warm South Sydney welcome to the Wests Tigers..................

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.............




Yeah that bench is not of NRL standard for a team that’s meant to be top 4-6
We just need to dig deep mate it won’t be easy. I wanna see some resilience and pride back in the jersey. Just need to win don’t care if it’s ugly at times.

Hopefully the crowd can help urge the boys home. On our way just in Roselands.


Paulo is dreadful. Kaloa is not much better. How many turnovers has he given when the team is attacking? Those turnovers are killers. Demetriou has continued selecting Paulo as a centre when all opponents target him continually.


Can't break a tackle, can't make a tackle, can't score a try unless a team mate puts him in the clear, I am off course talking about Jaxon Paulo. I said he would never be first grade material four years ago when a winger, in a Cowboys game, made him look like a fool, let Parra have him for christs' sake.
Keon Kolomatongi whatever his name is, just watch how he goes in the second half. He's supposed to cover for Paulo. Either he is too slow or too lazy, drop him for a couple of weeks, start with Shaqu (?) Mitchell, get some size into this team.
Lastly Demetrio, this team has not improved at all under his guidance, he insists on a few things like Paulo in the side. At the end of this season Russell will look back and, I hope, gets rid of him. He just doesn't have what it takes.

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