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Round 17 - Knights vs Rabbitohs: Friday 8th July 7:55pm @McDonald Jones Stadium


Yeeehaaaa!! What a night!! That really is a fantastic win when you take a step back and have a look at it. Super, super impressive. Eight, yes eight, regulars already out, lose your halfback in the opening minute, and playing a confident Knights team at home. Yet we still played pretty damn good and got a pretty comfortable win! I know it was against Newcastle but when you consider all the guys we were missing, it was just so impressive! One for the ages I believe, such was the effort.

It did get a bit shaky there for a time in the first half but super proud of the boy's effort to turn it around and actually dominate the game. I didn't expect a performance of such quality but we did it! Commitment, passion, focus, it was all there!!

Our star players all fired while the rest did their jobs and that's what I've been banging on about all week. Our middles in particular were outstanding and they set up the win I believe.

A lot of guys out there who haven't played much in first grade and guys who weren't used to the minutes they were playing. I'm just so proud of the way they stepped up.

That was awesome!! A vital two points too! Stoked!

Well done lads, this is a game I will never forget. So tough, so brave. That's the South Sydney spirit!
You could tell at the coachs interviews,obrien was filthy pissed,and so it should have been, the boys stepped up and earnt their money, but imagine if AJ was playing he would have 3 more trys, last year he missed 3 or 4 with the hamstring,this year its the quad,imagine the talley our champion would have
A Smith ton in the test and Souths win. A great night for me. The lads stood up and were counted last night.
I thought Tatola was very good too last night.




What character and pride shown in the jersey the boys dug deep! 9 of our regular 17 out but that didn’t deter the boys!

I am so proud today.





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Once again this weekend I am pretty busy so probably don't have time to do my proper match report sorry.

However, I did just watch the replay and am even more impressed today! It truly was remarkable and I agree with JD, one of the best wins ever from Souths in terms of character. I don't just say that, I really mean it. How many other teams in this comp would lose 8-9 of their regular players and still dominate a game for the most part? Not many.

The win was set up by our middles. Tom and Junior in particular were absolutely outstanding and got through huge minutes in the first half which they don't normally do. That really laid the platform for our win. I also though Keaon was pretty good at lock and Jed deserves some praise for his performance, particularly his defence as he came up with some huge tackles to stop tries down that left. The bench should all be proud of their efforts too, especially Davvy with that try-saver on best late in the game!

Very proud and happy with the way Trell and Cody stepped up and delivered. We really needed them to lead the way and they did that as both played a big part in our tries. Cody in particular was on fire! Two tries, one of them an 80 meter intercept and three great try assists, he was back to his best. Nikorima was thrown into the halfback position after 25 seconds and I thought he was really, really solid. Decent kicking game, had a hand in a few of our tries, and almost scored one himself with a darting run! Certainly his best game in the Red and Green Tass has surely cemented his spot but needs to learn to set up his winger more.

On another note, it's obviously never great to concede 28 points but with all the players we had out, I don't care about that. That can be forgiven because the boys put in an overall monumental effort to win.

So, so proud today!!
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3 - Tom B. Outstanding and really he dominated the middle of the park AGAIN. His defense too stands out great committment.
2 - Kennar. Really, this reject scores three? What were the quotes for that? He has not played here since '18 under Vic Seibold. His timing was excellent and his scores came when the squad really needed it.
1 - Walker. His best for some time. Seems to always light it up at Newcastle perhaps he has heritage connections there.

If club management fails to secure Tom B they deserve a torrent of abuse and more. How many #10s elsewhere are even close to this man?


Well it’s clear to see Trell being back has given the whole club a massive boost so awesome to see him back looking fit and killing it and becoming a real leader for us. Also what a difference it is when we hold the ball. I think Cody is back too now Trell is back Cody is finding his confidence again and looks happy.

It was our middle last night where we won it T. Burgess was magnificent as was Junior and Keaon. Jed did a good job stepping up after not having played much footy I think he will be our edge on the bench next week. Moale did a fine fine job in limited mins, DSF was very good in his first game for us I think he will be a good un. Shaq made an impact off the bench as well!

In the backs I thought Tass looked good with the ball and good in defence. Paulo was rocks and diamonds. Kennar slotted in nicely, the only negative was I thought Milne had some poor errors and was all at sea in defence which is concerning. The right edge is still our weakness in defence big time.

Now to enjoy the rest of the weekend savour this win, then look towards our origin boys coming through unscathed and onto the Dogs next Sunday Night a game we need to win as well and keep building!

Eric the great

Jeez yous are harsh if we let in points but score more than what we let in it means we win at the end of the season in the last game if you score twenty and the opposition scores 19 you win Pauli rocks and diamonds wake up to yourself we have a winger that is scoring tries and looking good

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