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Round 17 - Rabbitohs vs Cowboys: Sunday 25th June 4:05pm @Accor Stadium

Eric the great

Well if you’d be embarrassed about that you mustn’t have much of a life I called you the footy brain and guess what I’m not embarrassed


Morrow in his commentating summed it up: They wanted it more.
There is no intensity in this squad suddenly. They appear lifeless. Demetriou prior to the SOO period stated he was "worried" about this period. Now he should be concerned about his position.
Taaffe is NOT a FB and guys like Cartwright and Kennar are 1-2 game stand ins. They are park level. Hence do not keep playing the, nor Taaffe at FB.
Burt got something out of Taaffe but it was never going to be sustainable. He is a half playing out of position.

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