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Round 19 v Titans


Getting spanked by 30 by the Gold Coast..I’d be calling a board meeting tomorrow as the coaching staff have to start answering questions..
Relax Mickey. There is a lot of context around it, coaching staff have indeed made errors today and a few lately but they have still been a dramatic improvement year on year which should only improve when some young guys take over from the entitled among our team (Dufty, Norman)
Season unravelling. Weekend at Vaughany’s and the NRL height tackle crack down have really hurst us. That said, we are so error prone. I’m beginning to be concerned about the coaching as well. Our defence has been poor all year. Today’s game, picking Ramsay at centre was bad, but worse was seeing Fifita push him all over the park, score two tries through him but no change made. Surely Bird had to go to centre. Bud has had a a few opportunities but very subdued today. Hunt ordinary as well. Worst of all my tipping is shot 😡


New member here.. what I have noticed is our energy levels look low and the team morale is all over the place I am starting to doubt hook has the right message for the team it's worrying signs when we lose so convincenly too the titans that was an absolutely terrible effort and every player should be ashamed of that performance not one player stood up.
What a bad time to be a supporter


Cody Ramsey should not play First Grade next year
Blake Lawrie should be released brings nothing
Josh Kerr should not play first grade next year
We need to sign a half Sullivan and Amone cannot do the job next year
Feagai brothers should be in the team


McCullough and McGuire have left a lot to be desired.

Some of the things Griffin is doing are beyond comprehension. I am baffled as to why our 80 min hooker has been replaced by a 85kg reserve grade half back. If you don’t think your #1 hooker who you fought tooth and nail to sign should be taken off there are some serious problems.

Su’a and Molo aren’t going to resolve our problems. The Dogs will improve, as will Broncos and Raiders. I can’t see how we improve much next year.

It’ll be 50 or 60 against South’s next week.

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