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The Game Rugby League Rules Ideas and Areas of Inprovement


Just looking up NRL stats.
There has been less than 30 40-20s kicked this season. I think they are getting more rare.
It’s a great idea (rewarding a good touch finder) but there are way too few of them. There should be more like 1 or 2 per game.
They could get that if they made it 40-30.
they should be like sacks in American football, that is pretty easy to get unless the defense is there to stop them.
40-30 is too easy, there would be one every set


Speaking of kicking....

No game in the world showcases an array of kicking more than Rugby League. Not even AFL. AFL has progressively homegenized into mainly the drop punt 99.99% of the time.

Rugby League sees an equal amount of...

Drop kicks, place kicks, torpedo punts, flat punts, checksides, chip kicks, drop punts, bombs, stab passes, snap kicks, grubbers (end over end as well as dirty grubbers and checkside grubbers), kicks off the ground once even twice, and whatever else.
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No way, both wingers would defend on about their 20m line 5 metres in from touch and they would cut them all off.
Not OP but you're right. But what then happens is that it's now a 13 attack on an 11 defense. The attack then starts throwing the ball more laterally inside their own half to exploit the advantage.

I saw a trial game where they did a general 40m touchfinder - basically a 40-20 but from anywhere between your own goal and the half way line. That's exactly what happened -- both wingers drop back -- and when they didn't they'd get punished. I'd love to see it trialed in an All Stars game.

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