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Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
I heard that if Souffs Vermin re-signed Reynolds for 2 years and extend Walker past 2022 they would have 14 contracted players for 2023 and only 2 million to sign 16 more players @ 175k each.

They will have let go or not re-sign some others unless they will fill the squad with a number of minimum contract players for 2023 - 75k i think is the minimum
I reckon $200k gets you a solid first grader. That's two-and-a-half times the minimum salary next year.


I doubt age comes into it. I read that Reynolds was happy with even a 2 year deal but the Rabbits wouldn’t budge.

I heard a few weeks back, they wanted to offer only a year at a time. Like they did with Sutton. Reynolds wanted two years but they wouldn’t budge. Seems silly if you ask me. Anyway, good signing for the Broncos


He is 31 soon.
2yr extension yes. But 3 is to much imo. Guys like this are one injury away from career over.Wise move by South's if ask me

Enamoured Eel

Money wasn’t the issue. They only wanted to offer Reynolds a year at a time

“Unfortunately for us our salary cap position in future years did not enable us to offer Adam anything more than a one year contract at this stage” - Rabbitohs CEO.

Are they blowing smoke? A possibility, though I don’t think it’s far from the truth. Bennett is notorious for back-ending contracts to optimise short term success.

They have lured Arrow on good money. Mitchell gets a lofty pay rise next year not to mention the fact that they have Cook on the books. Murray, Graham and Knights have all re-signed after showing their value. These five players from 2022 are getting paid a stack more than the median player in their respective position.

Walker is off contract come 2022 and the only plausible way for them to nab Moses would be for him to accept a pretty big hit for the next two years and be the highest paid player in the game for the two succeeding.

The fact that he wants to be at a strong club leaves us as the only viable option, unless five plus years is offered to him by the Rabbitohs.

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Enamoured Eel

Doesn't Moses have to activate his player option by this weekends game?

I’m not privy to the deadline though as a result of his form and the current market, the option is futile.

He last re-signed mid 2019 and he is now arguably more valuable. Even if it were to expire and he wanted to sign on for just the one year, we would hand him more than previously stipulated.


Doesn't Moses have to activate his player option by this weekends game?
My understanding (granted, is based on what media have said) is his option has to be activated by the start of round 10, which would be by 6pm this evening - and given i doubt O'Neill and BA are in the offices this late on a Friday afternoon before an away trip, its either signed and not been announced, or its been let expire and he is officially now off contract at the end of the year