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Verrills makes the most sense from which player we were eyeing off from the roosters.

Fills a need same age as mahoney and will likely be squeezed by the cheess out of the number 9.
What’s more risk signing someone long term from major shoulder surgery or an ACL?


What’s more risk signing someone long term from major shoulder surgery or an ACL?
I would say shoulder surgery especially being a dummy half with more tackling and passing.

Shoulders pop out more easily

ACL is more risky if you have done it multiple times. Higher risk of reoccurring if you have done it before. But also lets be honest its a bit of a lottery it just goes without contact.

There was an AFL player about a decade ago who did his ACL 3 or 4 times and it was all on the training paddock in pre-season. Never happened during the game. It was more dangerous for him on the training paddock then during a match


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I haven't seen a lot of him. But the Roosters signed him untill 2024 in 2020 so they must rate him a little.
Based on stats he is just average but is almost a year younger then Rheed and missed most of his 2nd season.
So he has had 2.5yrs in the NRL and 33 games vs Rheeds 3.5yrs and 74 games.

Rheed didn't come good untill about his 50th NRL game. It's about when most players really get up to speed in the NRL.
I really dont care how good he is. All we need to know is "is he cheap"?


That's because you're stuck in untested assumptions about player positions. The fact is fullback is only a position in defence, and dummy half is only a position in attack. There's no rule saying how the fullback needs to play in attack, or where the dummy half must play in defence. Any of your defenders could attack at dummy half, though it makes sense that it would be someone more central so that he can get into position quickly on transition between attack and defence.


Good move from the club Verrills has plenty of talent. Ennis would do wonders with him. He'd only be costing around 300-350k and gives us room to buy some good forwards.

Verrills has a very precise passing game. Excellent and very efficient. He we can improve his running game then he would be a very good replacement and Mahoney would not be much of a loss at all.

Poupou Escobar

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Its all part of the plan mate. Train him up so hes worth 600k, offer him 350k to stay and wait for The Dogs to steal him back at 750k.
MON is one shrewd operator.
You gain the most benefit during the couple of years they're on unders. If you have to pay overs to keep them there's no real benefit. Might as well replace him with another bloke on unders.

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