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Rumours and Stuff


What happened to The Chook Joshy? Is he injured. Haven't seen him listed for a while.
Silly Gazza. I see hes selected in Flegg this weekend.
Is the Williams you refer to Gazniers 25 year old grandson who is currently our 2nds six and who is mentoring Jake when Captain/Coach Rankin is out?


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What happened to The Chook Joshy? Is he injured. Haven't seen him listed for a while.
playing this week, think he was also picked for a NSW cup recently but pulled out

Turoa Williams, winger, recruited from the dogs. Not sure how good he is but has played flegg and is a back we recruited


Salmon ruined our salary cap for a decade ffs! We’re subsidising his Penrith contract to the tune of $300k/year. Massive failure by our club.

The point was he was hyped up. I even recall the footy show showing footage of him. Yes we signed a player. That's good but if the article didn't say hot talent nobody cares. For all we know the Dragons didn't want him.

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On Jack Burrows the only articles I could find of him were the Mole article and a webpage about St Greggs rugby league. Appears he's never been selected in the dragons/steelers junior district squads. Maybe he's just good mates with Guymer and Parry and drove them to training so we've picked him up that way?


Maybe it's having a bye week, but when you step back and look at things we're in equal fourth. Provided we beat South we're also a reasonable chance of becoming fourth on for and against - especially when the Broncos lose to the Cowboys this week, and the Sharks lose to teh Strom the following week.

We are four points clear of the closest teams (Souths and Dragons coming equal seventh) and also have one game in hand compared to the team coming third (Cows). On our day we can beat any of the teams in the top three, and if we finish the rounds in the top four we can even afford to lose against one of them in week one.

I've done the ladder predictor, and if we split the two games against Souths I have us finishing equal 4th with the Sharks, who are on comparable for and against. I have the Raiders pipping Souths for the final top 8 spot. We lose to Storm in fianls week one, beat the Sharks week two, face the Panthers in week three to come up against the Storm again in the Grand Final. It's doable...

What if we beat Melbourne in that first game?


I feel we're more likely to be Premiers this season than we have ever been at any stage in the last 20 years, with the exception of 2005.

That doesn't neccessarily mean we'll end up winning the comp this season, but we are better chance than we've ever been for 17 years.

I don't. I genuinely feel we have Buckley's.

parra pete

Hardly an ambush in a semi-final.

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