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Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
My point was we might be able to buy a good hooker before end June who will be our 9 for many years. If you want to buy a centre and a middle then promote hands, then you can't.

What is hard to understand ?

What did BA say the other day ? He's only going to fill those spots with players who will benefit the club in the long term. You reckon he's wrong ?

As I said, the best solution is for Sam (or even Rein or Rankin) to give it away. Then you can get your man Hands.
Rankin isn’t top 30.
Having a pack of



That's far more balanced. I see energy on the bench
Yeah, if Bryce starts and does at least the whole first half with Lane when he returns from injury, and Hodgson starts but only does the first 30mins max... then Matterson can be part of the middle rotation and come on at 20mins, Makatoa at 25mins, Hands at 30mins, and then the first starting prop back on at 30min to spell Hopgood - we might not have any gassed middles out there during the first half.

That uses 4 interchanges, but the starting prop that has returned gets another breather at half time without using a further change. Leaving 4 changes for the second half - though practically probably 3 (e.g. until final 5mins, if heading for extra time).


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How do you know he gets "bugger all"? The fact that he has stated it's a 2 year deal before a ball was even kicked indicates to me he wants to stay and that the option in his favour is still a pretty good deal. I reckon it's probably only a little less (50k ish) than the one in our favour.
Yeah nah. The essence of the Hodgo deal is this..

A. If the eels want him for 2024 and want him locked in to their plans, then they are entitled to exercise their option by a certain date and will have to pay $H contract value in 2024.
B. The Eels don't want him, but Hodgo wants a job, then he is entitled to exercise his option by a certain later date and the eels will have to pay him $L contract value, OR
C. Neither exercise their options and he goes home to England.

The likelihood that the contract values of $H and $L are close makes no sense and a mockery of the deal. A total waste of time. Hence why the most plausible scenario is that Hodgo backed himself to get paid the big bucks for 2 years.