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Post Whore
What young forwards do we have that will push for NRL.
Guymer,Brazel and Tuivati? Anyone else? I thought Tuivati may of been pushed to NSW cup.


Oh hes a gun now? I keep reading here that he is no loss to Parra.

he can negotiate elsewhere at the end of this year unless...
a. Tigers make the 8.....possible
b. He makes State of Origin this year....more likely, depending on how much of a vindictive merkin Madge is.
c. Tigers extend him and wrap him up.....get er done!

Benji better get those tiger cages up and ready quickly.

Penrith are on the prowl for a tiger.


Staff member
My theory is that Kelma is being held together with sticky tape. Last game he was only used for 14 mins.

Oggy was supposed to be 18th man vs Cows, but was busted in Cup.

So Blaize slotted in.

Blaize is next man up this week and as others say, will be used as X factor off the bench vs a depth challenged Fins.

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TCT says the Oggy has done a Pec. 2025

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