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Rumours and Stuff


No, I think he thought and honestly believed that he was safe until the end of this year and he ignored the outside noise that was happening in an around the club. Sometimes, we only listen to the things we want to hear - doesnt make us delusional.
If it did, more than half the posters on here would be dumb merkins and @Poupou would have been right all along ;)
Your deep throating of Pou is perplexing. I respect your loyalty to some people but FFS stop taking the circular kool aid.


From what I've heard and gathered thus far.
1. Bennett
2. McGuire
3. Completely left field and I was told this at 4pm this afternoon before any sacking announcement was made...and could be massive BS....Trent Robinson needs a new challenge...again just passing on what a roosters supporter has told me

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
I've got a new pair of ANKO track pants.Feeling confident. Throwing my hat into the ring
I think Best & Less has some Eels branded ones. I got my young bloke some Parra shorts from there for $16 when I was in town recently. You can’t even get a glass of gin for that these days.

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