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Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

Any updates on the Bateman situation? We agreed to pay his current club the transfer fee. Hastings, who he apparently doesn't get on with is gone. The news seems to have gone quite on this now for about a week or 2.

If it was gonna get done I would have thought it would have been announced straight after the world cup, or when Hastings got punted. Whichever came first.

Any one got any late mail on this?
Any updates on the Bateman situation? We agreed to pay his current club the transfer fee. Hastings, who he apparently doesn't get on with is gone. The news seems to have gone quite on this now for about a week or 2.

If it was gonna get done I would have thought it would have been announced straight after the world cup, or when Hastings got punted. Whichever came first.

Any one got any late mail on this?

The dog in our fight is his long term girlfriend who is stationed here and won’t move to England.

He’s spoken about wanting to re-unite and live with her full time.

A player of his calibre has a lot of options and better able to accomodate romantic interests.

See also Adam Elliot moving to the knights although his contract is also extraordinary.

There’s a good interview with Adam on-line and it seems his days as a grog monster are well behind him.

It’s ironic that Ricky and co can have such a character building influence on an each way bet Adam, but drive Bateman away to the other side of the world.

Probably a lot more in it.

Remember it took us months and months to procure Jackson Hastings at enormous effort and expense, which lends weight to the proposition that he should have been retained.

Releasing him twas a bad decision. I’m not budging on that one. I might revisit this view when Bateman arrives and the gossip is that the relationship was irretrievable. Even then, they are here to play footy. People don’t get on, that’s life.

Bateman after Xmas I think.
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While I’m muttering on, young footy mate at work ( ex Panther junior, knows everyone) has just handed down his points score for the Wests Tigers, selected player rankings:

Out of ten, 5 is factory.

Doogie 7
Keps: 4
Nado: 5
Staines 5
Laurie: 5
Nofo: 6
Ken: 5
Brooksy: 6
Tommy: 5

Api: 8.5
Twal: 7.5
klem: 7
pole: 5
paps 8
Stef: 6
blorey 5.5 ( if he plays)

And a big surprise: tuki 7

Bateman 8

Where for comparisons Cleary is 9.5, Yeo a 9. He said there is no 10.

Total average of players he looked at ( more than the above) he rates 5.6

So on his reasoning by application, no injuries on paper 9th is the highest he thinks we can aspire to.

He thinks Ken can improve his game significantly by bulk handling drills over summer.

He thinks Klem is in the decline phase.

Stay tuned for his recommendations as to player training over the off season, including tailored sessions for individual players. Ie “ how they can fix their game”
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Justin said to benji:

“ 400,000 people identify as Wests Tiger fans making us one of the best supported teams in the entire NRL”

I thought to myself:

“Great Justin, but how come none of them are on the f**king Board?”
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Careful, there are rumours that TSP is in fact JP, on here to see what us plebs are saying😂😂😂

I certainly don’t participate in those converstations, of course.😇
Justin is a mere cork floating in an ocean of club trauma.

When you go back and view the Ned Interview with Benji, you will observe that he has a number of key points on his pad and on the auto cue before him, being messages he is injecting into the conversation on purpose.

They arrive quite awkwardly at times, against the run of conversation and therefore easily identified.

It seems to me that the public relations effort is based on a belief that fans and members are extremely gullible and simple minded.

Yet the repetitious re-iteration of these “ recovery” or “points of mitigation” about the current dilemma the club is in, illustrates the concern of the club about its critics.

The questions are carefully vetted.

There were also several cuts in the footage.

This was pr played out on a grandest scale, I take some hope from the fact that the club still appears to be under the pump by invoking so much “ theatre” as It should be.

Other than that, Benji presents as one the most boring people on earth and I wish he would just move on and leave us alone.

That he was talking about 20 more years of involvement in club affairs was simply alarming.
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Uncanny. The three toed sloth and the furry thing to the right.

Tim was much better than Benji on Ask the Sloth- reads the room better.

I think he went to the uk to see his wife and almost certainly on the sly recruit.

Partying with World Cup players, signing Batemen and recovering his wife.

The sloth said the club took responsibility for the bad year, but no one in high management was sacked, resigned or was disciplined.

But plenty of underlings and junior staff simply obeying orders and doing what they were asked, were speared mercilessly. Taken out the back and summarily shot.

Putin has taken more responsibility for his f**king war against the Ukraine.

That’s a core problem with the club, putting results aside, we are a bit of a junta.

It sets a bad example for everyone underneath and creates a distrustful environment within the club and beyond.

No one is actually held to account.

Tim tried to distinguish between excuses and reasons, but failed to follow through. So regrettably, we are left with excuses.

Anyway, make your own mind up and enjoy:

Plus Justin is still jagging in the spin on cue. I mean who writes this stuff?
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I’m outing Rosco.

It’s time he come out of the closet as a card carrying member of the WT Board Appreciation Society.

There he is in nightclubs, dancing with Benji and Robbie.

Celebrate, dumpf dumpf dumpf, celebrate, doofa, doofa, doofa.

Spinning around, hands held up high in the air, party people, 28 hours with no sleep.

Benji stripping down to his undies, looking around to see who is looking and admiring him and fancying a rubber Mat on the bar.

When the fun is over Rosco, it’s a nightmare for the rest of your life.

8927D7BC-411B-4AA1-9A08-D16F480AE79D.jpegI have detected some regret in the LU smug forum about his moving on. I like him.
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Ned Kelly


The Wests Tigers have all but secured English international John Bateman for the 2023 season but SEN’s Michelle Bishop has revealed the deal has yet to be confirmed as the club believes it can also acquire Parramatta Eels halfback Mitchell Moses.

Moses began his career at the Tigers in 2014 and after 67 matches with the club and subsequently moved to Parramatta midway through 2017 season. The 28-year-old is off contract at the end of the 2023 season and is available to be signed for the 2024 season.

Bishop said that the Tigers are holding out on signing Bateman until they know more details around the salary cap and evaluate whether making a bid on Moses is possible.

“The Wests Tigers have actually agreed to pay Bateman’s transfer fee from the UK. That’s all happening,” Bishop said on SEN 1170 Breakfast.

“The Mitchell Moses situation could be the thing that’s holding it up.

“The Tigers are going all guns blazing and they actually want Moses for 2023.

“They need to leave some cash in the cap for that to become a reality.

“Both Bateman and Moses share the same player manager, so they clearly hold the trump card in this one.

“Nervous times for Eels fans.”

Bishop said that it was “wishful thinking” on the Tigers part but commended the club for aggressively pursuing star players.

The Daily Telegraph’s David Riccio said that Moses will see out the final year of his contract at the Eels but is long odds to remain at the club beyond the 2023 season.

“I received a call (from a source) that suggested there is no way in the world that Mitchell Moses will be there (at the Eels) in 2024,” Riccio said on SEN 1170 Breakfast.

“If I’m a betting man, I don’t believe that Mitchell Moses will be there in 2024.

“How the Eels try to juggle Dylan Brown, Mitchell Moses, Clint Gutherson, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Junior Paulo, Josh Hodgson and Ryan Matterson into a salary cap is going to be a struggle.

“Parramatta have put a significant four-year package together for Mitch but I don’t think it’s going to be in the vicinity of what rival clubs like the Bulldogs and Tigers will be able to put together.

“I can tell you that Parramatta officials are nervous.

“They are nervous about where this is going to go.”
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