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  • Hi madunit. I recall you are from Melbourne, and pretty much over all things RL. I'll be heading down to the game in Melbourne V Storm this Thursday. Just wondering if you knew of any gathering places Tigers fans may gather at pre-game, on the off chance it may exist
    Appreciate any help.
    Hello, I know I have been guilty of falling into the getting personal trap in the past, but is there any way you can try and clean this forum up a bit with regards to no personal attacks? A robust discussion on differing opinions is interesting but the personal attacks and other rubbish really lowers this place in my opinion
    Hey mate,

    Ive seen from a number of posts you know your info. Do you know what forwards are coming off contract by the end of 2014?
    A fair few of our players will be off contract so it will be interesting times
    Good piece of moderating in 4C I know I can be a little over the top at times with the way I carry on but it was getting ludicrous. Cheers.
    hi again
    sorry to be a nuisance but I have the use of a really good book with loads of info about french RL past teams etc
    let me know what you need to know and I will try to find it
    my pm is

    best wishes
    Yo hombre. I'm going to send something to you for a proof read overnight if you have the time. No dramas if not. I'll be submitting it at about 5am AEST tomorrow morning.
    Hi. Our little friend Incest is sending me a number of offensive(ish) private messages. I have no idea what the rules about this are but he may be being naughty and playing outside the rules. Anyway. I will leave it with you.
    No its not a maintenance period Watto.. its a lagging site at its peak thats all. :(
    hey mate cheers for the concern/ Im good but my house is a brown mess (serves me right for painting it white last year) lol. Ive lost alot of stuff but am grateful that all my friends and family are ok. Thankx for the message man. its appreciated.
    Mate, any luck in contacting The Piper?

    I just noticed that he had his birthday 2 days ago, so maybe that's the reason for the delay?
    Unit, my fellow Four Nations champion! Do you have a means of contacting The Piper outside of the forum? We need a few votes from him for F7s Awards but he hasn't been on the boards for a few days. Any ideas?
    Cheers mate. Looks like everyones having that trouble according to Willow so I think fulltime will be extended. If you can't get through, don't worry. Thanks again.
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