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Ryles it is NOT - Rejects Dragons


What I dont understand is we know how hard it is to get on the BOD yourself or be in a position to vote on their future.
But how did Ben Creagh get on so easily and quickly.
Well, SGDRFL announced that they can now create a spot for Directors with special skills. Mark Gasnier was earmarked into a spot, accepted and then declined due to conflicts of interest I think it was. They then parachuted Ben Creagh in. They were, I think, reacting to to criticism by adding more recent footy experience onto the board. From there, they appointed Creagh as a SGI Director out of their allocation. I think he may have taken Peter Blacks spot. A bit after that Martin? Newman took Sproule’s ? Or Alberts Spot. Doust came on before that taking someone else’s spot.

We talk about changing the board but there has been generational change on the SGDRFL side of the board over the last few years.


Im equal now in wanting Flanagan or Johnny Morris
Flanno, Plusses... a gun coach, strategist, people person but who can crack a whip, tell it strait but not an ass, with a GF to his name. Minusses...will bring his son who will be locked into one of the halves positions for the whole time of his tenure, so for us wanting Flanno we must resign ourselves to never seeing JNR or Zach Herring possibly even Bud or any of the gun young halves we have emerging as if Hunt stays his halves combo will be Hunt and Kyle...this is a very sad fact we must visit.

Morris, Plusses...gee he was better than good at Sharks during his short stint there and a besty whos a Sharks fanatic was pissed for months after they shafted him...young gun coach whos apparently a VERY nice, toppest of top fella with excellent people skills specially with the youth, but who can crack a whip aswell, no pushover, also one who gives kids a crack...not sure exactly his role at Souths but gee they are one force of a team in both attack and defence so he must be doing something VERY right over there, might be able to bring us some talent also from both Sharks and Rabbits so a VERY gun option for me, I cant split them for these reasons.

a no for Young, just not enough success even as assistant and too much an old boy, jobs for the boys...nah way way down my list though a Dragons utter legend as a player. Same for Hornby, also ive heard Bennys a bit too gruff and hard, might put off some kids or rub them youngies up the wrong way like Hook did if he has to give them a dressing down, not the most pleasant guy to deal with ive heard so no for me....the ONLY other option for me would be Hannay, very similar story to Morris.

Slippery Morris

First Grade
Flanno being at the club knows how much the Saints have high hopes Saintson Bud,Amone and Sloan to be the future so if he brings Kyle I think that will be a massive kick in the back side for Saints. I am hoping he gets a deal with the ESL quick smart before Flanno comes on board if he does come.

Flanno's job surely will be how he will bring out the best in the 3 which is his biggest selling point because I know he will same as Dessie.

Young coached those 3 in the juniors so that is the only reason I can think why he is highly wanted as he knows how to bring out the best in them.


Interesting, hit the scene in a big way when his dad was the coach. Was/is a very good goal kicker. Fell away in 2020 when Roosters moved him on after I think considering him their long term half back.

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