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Silver lining around Dugan's injury


I thought first world country smarts would have let you know the "hahaha" are actually laughs... meaning your stupidity actually amuses me.
Yet you bang on about not being upset... if im amused i can assure you im not upset.
Back on topic... you asked when did the speculated figure increase by 100k.
I showed you an article with that speculated figure.
You come back with me showing a newspaper claim bla bla bla...
Fact is, every $$ figure speculated is actually pure speculation.
You cant bang on about that so you bring up grammar and pronunciation like anyone actually gives a flying f@ck about someone typing.
Then, cause i showed you there was speculation with the figure i mentioned (which, again, shut you up on that topic) you bring up inside info from sources and lunch dates with doust.
Hahahaha (thats me laughing) how childish and moronic can you be?
So hasler didnt eventuate... whoopy doo.... get over it.
Dude grow up .... lol serious you just bore me now with your dumbness.
At first i liked slamming your dumbass posts quoting me... now i feel bad slamming a stupid f@ck like yourself.
Disect away champion :)

Haha wow...

First of all, I literally opened this conversation by saying the figure was speculated. Now you're telling me that you've proved to me that it was speculated? Have you gone around in circles chasing your tail so much you've now confused yourself?

I apologise for criticizing your grammar. This is obviously a sore spot for you because you've brought it up 3 posts in a row. I'm sorry, now please let it go.

Hasler? WTF? Who even mentioned Hasler? Seriously where did you pull that from? LOL....

And to call me childish and moronic... Do you honestly believe you come across as mature and intelligent? This is a genuine question, I actually want to know if you believe this.

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