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Super league England vs all stars


England officals seem keen to continue the all stars game as a mid year representative match. The game appears hollow and does not offer the all stars playing group nor fans a match they can become emotional about and get behind. Why?
The hope of a competitive French team full of its stars showing up for a mid year match has been burned too many times before, the likes of Scotland Ireland or wales are underdone with preparations and availability and a mid year test against the Southern Hemisphere is hopefully dead forever.
Instead why not Celtic all stars team that could play in replacement of the generic all stars with combined squad from Ireland Scotland and wales. A lot of these players are long time servants to the game and quality players and the offering of a mid season match against England hopefully could entice more players to put their hands up to represent the smaller nations and potentially build a meaningful mid year representative game.
The selection rules could be as per below in the first few years with the opportunity to tighten rule one to be qualifies and has played a match for one of the nations in the past two years (junior rep matches included)
With a stand alone weekend, the relaxation of tier two to tier one player switching (have at it but I like the flexibility) an opportunity to develop the game is clear. The goal could be to build the squads experience in big matches that can then be transferred to national teams with the eventual goal of having the nations play every year at the end of the year perhaps in the form of a Celtic Cup with the winner eventually getting the mid year match with the Celtic all stars retired.
Looking at the eligible players for each nations Ireland looks to have the strongessquad if all the stars could fall into place for them.
The games doesn’t grow with England vs ex nrl players and almost made it players. If the higher ups want to spend the money on a match why not plan to get a return?
Enlgand can’t hope to be competitive or improve with the current set up surely.

Selection rules
1. Qualifies as per international rules
2. Not England encumbrant 2020-2021 (Dual qualifying players)
3. Plays in the super league (no nrl ring ins)

An example from round one, players cited and suspended in the round not included (As if the rep game would be played the follow week)

2022 Celtic rep
Round 1

1. Brieley (Scotland, Salford)
2. Russell (Scotland, Toulouse)
3. Wardle (Scotland, Huddersfield)
4. T.King (Ireland, Warrington)
5. I.Senior (Ireland, Huddersfield)
6. Coote (Scotland, Hull KR)
7. Sneyd (Ireland, Salford)
8. Mulhearn (Ireland, Warrington)
9. McIlorum (Ireland, Catalans)
10. Singleton (Ireland, Wigan)
11. Halton (Ireland, Hull KR)
12. Linnett (Scotland,Hull KR)
13 Addy (Scotland, Salford)

14.McCarthy-Scarsbrook (Ireland, St Helens)
15. Byrnes (Ireland, Wigan)
16. Luckley (Scotland, Salford)
17. Hood (Scotland, Wakefield)

18. White (Wales, Toulouse)
19. Longstaff (Scotland, Warrington)
20. G.king (Ireland, Hull KR)

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