Team of the 90s to be announced.

Discussion in 'NRL' started by Chook, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. knightingale

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    Jul 1, 2003
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    If you look I have Lazarus and Hancock in my team of the 90s

    Lockyer didn't do much before 2000

    Tallis didn't do anything before 1998.

    Langer was very good but not as good as Stuart and Johns.

    Sailor was shit. Clear and simple.

    Renouf was fast, that's it. Much like C Walker.

    Smith was at the Broncos for 3 years. Bulldogs before that, and he was very good, but to say he should be in the team of the 90s, means you belong in a mental institution.

    To say the K Walters bros should be in the team of the 90s is a joke. Kerrod wasn't even close to Steve in ability at hooker (he'll be in 100th spot), and Kevin would be in the top 20, but not close to Fittler, etc.)

    Thorn. You're kidding right?

    Gilmeister, was a very solid first grader. Nothing outstanding.

    Carne, was a good winger but to put him ahead of Wishart and Hancock you are seriously screwed up.
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    May 31, 2003
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    Actually, I did, but only if Daley is considered as a centre. I don't have a problem with Meninga being selected if Daley is considered as a five-eighth.

    Brasher - a good performer over the decade, particularly at origin level. While not purely a fullback, I can't think of any one who had both his level of performance and longevity.

    Sailor - head and shoulders above all other wingers during the decade. A devestating ball runner, who would have been just as good in the second row as he was on the wing.

    Renouf - for mine, the most brilliant and exciting attacking player of the decade. Great acceleration and footwork.

    Meninga - big, strong and powerful, and great at setting up his outside men. Only played half the decade, but nobody else really warrants selection.

    Wishart/Hancock... - I honestly don't know who to pick in this position. Hancock would get it for longevity, but he was always in Carne and Sailor's shadows. I really don't know.

    Daley - easily the best origin player of the decade, I thought he was also the best captain. Not as skilful or talented as Fittler, but I'd take him over Fittler any time.

    Langer - very little between Langer and Stuart during the first half of the decade, but Langer's longevity gets him home. Johns is a great player, but his performances in the 90's don't stack up to these two.

    Fittler - more a centre or five-eighth, but simply too good to leave out. Not as consistent as some others, but when he was on his game there was/is probably no more complete player.

    Clyde - more at home at lock, but moved to accomodate Fittler. In his prime, a tireless worker in both attack and defence.

    Tallis - a good player at Saints, he became simply devestating at the Broncos. Perhaps lacking in terms of longevity, but nobody else really comes to mind.

    Lazurus - not flashy, not fast, but always got his ten metres, and that was his greatest asset.

    Walters - I thought that both Walters were great hookers. Kerrod had the flair, but Steve was strong, solid and kept Kerrod out of the rep scene for a long time, so he gets the nod.

    Harrigan - explosive prop who was a great origin player.

    And by the way, 1997 (Super League) does count - look at the record books. To dismiss the season, for whatever reason, is simply ludicrous. That year was the making of players like Lockyer, Webcke and Tallis, and paved the way for the brilliant Broncos of 98.
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    Jun 9, 2003
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    Ok I never said those players I listed should be in the team of the 90's, was just saying they are more than just very good players which is what you called the Broncos of the 90's. All played Origin and most played Tests.

    Mate wake up, open your eyes, switch on your brain and actually read my posts before shooting your mouth off.
  4. knightingale

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    Jul 1, 2003
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    A very good player plays tests in most circumstances. I didn't say they didn't.

    There aren't many players that are better than very good players. If the Broncos had all of those players as better than very good players, they should never lose a game.
  5. Anonymous

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    May 19, 2003
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    1. T Brasher
    2. R Wishart
    3. M Meninga
    4. L Daley
    5. M Coyne
    6. B Fittler
    7. R Stuart
    8. P Harragon
    9. S Walters
    10. S Webcke
    11. G Tallis
    12. S Menzies
    13. B Clyde

    14. T Gillmeister
    15. B Mackay
    16. W Sailor
    17. A Ettinghausen
  6. Trojan Horse

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    May 24, 2003
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    Lyons was a thug and a delinquent as a player!

    How anyone -- apart from Eagle fans -- can place his name among some of those listed leaves me speachless. I don't care how good or talented a player is; if his 'thug' tendencies overshadow his football skills then he isn't worth a quart of monkey's piss to me.

    Many may claim his tumultuous onfiled actions were part of his drive and determination. Great. I say he was a thug!

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