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Team vs Dolphins


This is a disgraceful post as a 50+ year Cronulla Sutherland Sharks tragic, but the Dolphins are paying $3.20 now. That will be my insurance policy in case we lose.

Big Bloke

Nup. Williams can flog off. Teig or Tuks instead of him.
Mate you are kidding. Williams has been one of our best all year. The impact he brings of the bench is remarkable. You are basing this off his errors last week I bet, one of which he made up for by bashing one of their merkins causing him to drop the ball.


First Grade
I’ve always liked Williams, but the pass he gets charging on to the ball has to be the best. Some of our best cannot get this right. Braily and Nicho get tired towards the end of each half that why I like DA in the mix.
Williams drops ball in game - “sack him.”
Royce smashes it for a few games in a row - “why haven’t we resigned him for life”
You can turn this over and over like a Rubik cube - always comes up with different colours. Can’t please everyone
It's review players at end of season.
I am quiet happy letting Royce look elsewhere.
If was playing all year like last week I would say different.
Remember game 1 he had a shocker.
He is also 28 and manged to.play like 50 odd games, with not many total minutes

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