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  • Hi Quigs, I stay out of the political stuff but doesn't the new board v old board stuff look like the federal labour v nazis stuff in reverse. The irony for reefy et al.
    Jeffrey I have burnt cds of that doors anniversay album and can send them t'morrow if you have not already acquired a copy.
    quigs where can I find your Cando is a caant artwork? can you PM me a link pls?
    G'day Quigs,

    Hope you and the Mrs are keeping well. Just wondering whether you're planning a visit to Sydney to see our final home game or one of the semis ? We were talking about you at the Souffs game last Saturday. Cheers, Tom
    LOL Queers you crack me right up you self deluded imbecile. It's been a laugh pulling the piss out of you......Somebody had to do it.
    Thanks for the enquiry about my health, Quigs. I was just overseas crossing a few items off my Bucket List.
    Yo Quigs

    When did you become Dragqueen bait?

    I didn't know you had your own private following of Dragonettes in here! GKD, greggie, The preacher. All the celebs are here


    Fugg you guys!!
    How they hangin' Quigs,
    Just thought I'd let you know that a couple of weeks ago I went to watch The Dogs play your mob in the NSW Cup.
    My 11yr old came along with me and after catching a couple of kicks in the crowd from a conversion and a penalty, the Sharks fronted him and asked him to be their ball and tee boy for the night. Your poor simple club couldn't even organise something as basic as that.
    The Dogs had officials, past players and a fair group of supporters there, whereas Cronulla had family and friends only, including no bloody ballboy.
    There definately needs to be a fair bit of butt kicking done over there in Swampland or the only thing you're going to have left is the f*cken board of directors.

    I'll give you a call soon,

    All the best to you and Mrs Quigs,

    Cheers and Regards,

    G'Day Quigs,
    Mate you better get over to the "Stains" forum and answer some of these barbs. Even the kiddies are having a laugh.
    Call ya soon ya old fart.

    Cheers and Regards,

    The Bob Santa-Maria quote alway gets me Quigs; your parents must have watched it while reading the Catholic Weekly.
    I've got the lot of you covered for age BTW and my kids are both younger than my dog who whelped the day my wife learned that she was pregnant with our first
    Mate got the tickets. They only have concourse area section x which is in the south east corner near Jublilee Ave entrance. This is all that has been released thus far. Apparantly they are behind in their construction work and yet to finalise seating arrangements. Will send them up Monday with a copy of the latest Shark Attack magazine.
    Just logged on Jeff. Cool I will go to the club now (12.43pm) and let you know how I fare. If I get them I'll mail them today.

    All going well I'll see you at the ground but my daughter is due to provide me with a third grandchild (her first) about the same time and I will be going up to the gold coast to see her. Thats another stroy though.
    I am currently tiling a staircase at home and it is slow and steady. Give me a square floor anyday.
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