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The offseason quiz


Post Whore
I am very bored so created an off-season quiz
First person to get all correct wins something. I will leave clues in reference to a current player or coach.

1. Some say he can fly

2. Elvis

3. Mint

4. She can't fly but im telling you, she can run the pants of a kangaroo

5. Prince Charles is now

6. Highway

7. Cassidy

8. Excuse me while I kiss the sky

9. Mount Sinai

10. Heath Ledger

the phantom menace

First Grade
I'm not going to get all ten, but I'll start things off...

1. Simonssen

2. ....

3. ....

4. Emu (Greig)

5. King (Gutherson)

6. ....

7. ....

8. Sivo?

9. Moses

10. ....

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