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The Rumours Thread


Will the veterans be teaching the young guns new tricks or old ones? Are the coaching personnel really able to get our juniors at that level of excellence that will excite us and will the young warriors be actually blooded for first grade in reasonable time or will they just linger in the background waiting for either a chance in the top grades or be poached to play elsewhere where they are offered more opportunities?

To me, our squad lacks a couple of tougher forwards than what we have and it needs another great quality playmaker other than Hunt. If Sullivan is ready, give him a go before it is too late and he loses his enthusiasm.
We all hope so DD

Dragon David

when was the last time the dragons played well after the bye?
Well last year they lost 8 games straight after the bye in July. In 2020 there wasn't any bye because we had a shortened season due to Covid and in 2019, I think we won. So not too bad but someone else could investigate this more and I apologise if wrong.
Not sure where to post this query. Tried to get some tickets for the Tigers game at BankWest and NRL site suggests no longer on sale. I assume it’s already a sellout?

denis preston

First Grade
6 - 8 new signings ??
That's what he said, weather it is re signings of Ball & reggie players or actual NRL don't know. It could also be signings of the calibre of Goscowski or Molo/Suli standard don't know what he meant. I'm hoping we have at least Simms money + 4 to 500 k as well to spend.

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