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The Rumours Thread


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Too cowardly , what nonsense is this ? Wake up to yourself you silly man . You don’t know anything about me , you make absolute staggering assumptions about people you have never met .

This is only a forum , not a dart board for you to release your childish aggression ! Don’t bother replying as it is quite apparent that you are an idiot and I do not suffer fools gladly .
Well said Gareth


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I know, but a waste of money to build a cabinet for 1 trophy. Maybe they could spilt the cost with the gummies and their tainted trophy.
I misread your original post triffili , I do understand what you said now . Perhaps Bruce or his daughter may organise a cabinetmaker to build a large trophy case for it and in anticipation of future silverware ?
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A report on sporting news dot com suggests that Aaron Woods is NOT in our team list. Still 6 places to fill in the Top 30. (Sorry, this site won't let me post the link). Just a rumour at this point.
I counted 26 in a previous post including Woods & Kerr. Perhaps Nick Lui-Toso isn’t included? I’m also not sure of Jonathan Rueben’s status.


I'd like to just thank all involved for making this thread full of drama and semi entertaining when clearly this club otherwise can't generate any interesting activity whatsoever.

Where would this club be without the fans?
All the squabbling is over nothing, we aren’t linked to anyone. The Club said our squad would be announced in November, I hope they are aware today is the 24th
You mean like the one-legged Liddle or Musgrove? What do you think of those signings?

With the best players locked up with deals made over the last 18 months it only leaves us with option of a) signing more rejects or b) playing up and coming forwards who are yet to see the light of NRL.
No worse than Burgess and Macca

Obviously we need better forwards

I have said in other threads that I doubt Liddle will last 6 games.

Musgrave is a grub, however Burgess was no shrinking violet.

My feeling is give the untried junior forwards a go.

Don’t remember the forward pack of Bath’s Babes being dominated. We won’t know whether the juniors can do the job without giving them 8-10 games in first grade.


I misread your original post triffili , I do understand what you said now . Perhaps Bruce or his daughter may organise a cabinetmaker to build a large trophy case for it and also in anticipation of future silverware ?
No problem. Do you know anyone that might be able to paint or varnish it if they built it?


So........any rumours then ? I'm starting to panic.

Our boys will have their work cut out for them trying to compete against the bigger, better, star studded packs, I'm starting to worry about their physical and mental well being....and mine.
We missed out on Paseka and others but really why would they sign with us anyway. They must look at our club and go nah, not doin that. Look at our style of play, on the field our attack and defence is so outdated and boring and "well drilled" isn't a term to ever be applied to the Dragons, our less than popular coach, player unrest to the point of requests for immediate release (even if backflips abound) and our juniors being held back by old guys with little logic behind that (only Hook knows why) and......our pack.....and our future prospect and and.
So I'll take any rumours you got.


The rumour is the club is investing heavily in junior talent and do not want to blow the cap on expensive forwards. Im happy to wait a couple more years as long as we can hold onto the young spine
Hope so. But putting a young spine under intense pressure is a risky strategy.


Every Club gets the same salary cap from the NRL; some get TPAs to top it up.

Every Club gets a 30-player limit placed on them - their squad. Some Clubs can recruit 4 or 5 marquee players and others like the Dragons only have one.

I doubt that the juniors we are retaining come under the top 30 salary cap. We do need to marquee forwards to give us a chance this season but there seems no movement at the station.

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