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third try by Tom Turbo

Discussion in 'State of Origin and other State Leagues' started by grouch, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. grouch

    grouch First Grade

    Nov 22, 2003
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    Brilliant in every way. I just wanna narrate it, to highlight every piece of talent and intelligence in this play.

    Its tackle 2. Tedesco at first receiver shovels it to Addo-Carr, perhaps for a settler hit-up, but perhaps also because he sees some space. Both Teddy and the Fox notice that Gagai has rushed up a bit too quickly - so Addo-Carr immediately claps on the pace to get outside him, and Tedesco also increases pace and does some light skippy footwork to avoid being tangled with defenders and stays alive on the inside.

    Addo-Carr burns Gagai on the outside, but shows the footy in two hands to attract Chambers, with a view to shooting a pass to Wighton and setting him free down the touchline. Chambers, however, shifts his feet towards Wighton, so Addo-Carr decides to go inside. The little show-and-go as taken just enough speed from Addo-Carr's gait to allow Gagai to come back and grab him, but it's still a half-break - he's poked his nose through. Running at top speed, with a bloke hanging off him, in absolutely pouring rain, Addo-Carr attempts an outrageous one-handed offload to that man Tedesco, who is of course looming in support in perfect position. The ball is delivered straight to his chest.

    The pass was thrown before Addo-Carr could commit the fullback Ponga, meaning Tedesco isn't completely free, which is why he chooses to veer slightly rightwards on his run. Corey Oates had sensed danger and had come across to cover the middle of the backfield. Tedesco makes the choice to run directly into a trap between Ponga and Oates. Why? Because he saw Tom Trbojevic jogging immediately next to him in support. Tom Turbo, the right centre, who had no reason at all to be in that position of the field at that time, other than the fact that his pure footballing genius told him to be there. The next decision for Tedesco was: how to get him the ball.

    Easy. Just throw a flick pass while being tackled by Ponga, a fraction of a second before Oates smashes you. Land it in his bread basket too, because there are defenders coming.

    Tom Turbo saunters it in underneath the black dot.

    Brilliant stuff
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