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Todd Greenberg has pretty much said one Sydney team will be relocated.

Wests Tigers should really be focusing at the SW corridor and be at Campbelltown. Old Wests Magpies only moved to Campbelltown or Orana Park as it was known back in 1987. The Magpies only had 13 seasons in the top flight at Campbelltown. Merger was announced in '99 and the Wests Tigers began the following year. Prior to that, the Magpies played at Lidcombe Oval.
WTs should centred on Liverpool.

WSS just to the north, CT just to the south.
Wests have generously let Balmain retain 10% of ownership and have seats on the board but could kick them to the kerb if they wish. They line from western suburbs is that the NRL own the logo and trademarks so they can't change back to the Magpies. But I doubt if the NRL would care if the club wanted to change to the Magpies.
Im fairly certain Wests could have taken over completely and still could.

I think the 1 board seat for Balmain is to keep the older Tigers fans on board and happy
Back in 99, the best situation would have been:
- Wests Panthers
- Parramatta Tiger OR maybe North Sydney Tigers
When the merges were all in talk, I always thought Norths and Balmain would have been both their best solution.
Both sides of the Harbour, all across the North Shore, City and Inner west, create a new team "Sydney Roar" to accommodate both beastly mascots. Out of the SFS.

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