Top 5 Sport Moments of 2017

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    Top 5 Sport Moments of 2017

    1. Federer at Oz Open = While I thought it was possible for him to win another major before this, I thought that door of opportunity was definitely closing. The standard of that game was game of tennis I saw this year.

    2. Federer at Wimbledon = the actual final was an absolute stinker but the result pretty much crowned Fed's year and career.

    3. Origin 3 = Perfection again! :)

    4. Jeff Horn = Horn's ticker and toughness can never be questioned. I doubt he'll be champion for a long time....but, man what an achievement!

    5. Robert Whitaker = First Australian UFC champion in one of the two most competitive weight divisions in mma. Such a brave performance to get the belt against a guy most contenders were afraid to accept a fight from in Yoel Romero.
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    1. The Battle of Two of the Greatest. Federer Vs Nadal AO Final, best match of tennis i have watched in years, played by two legends, in the twlight of their careers, who many people had thought that the days of them winning Grand Slams were over, absolutely magical to watch.

    2. The Drive for Five, New England Patriots win 5th Superbowl, coming from 28-3 down in the 3rd to steal the Lombardi away from Atalanta.

    3. Houston Astros Win the World Series, after the disaster that hit the state of texas and more so the city of Houston, their Baseball team bringing home the world series, would have brought some happiness to a city devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

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