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    This is a huge change we picked up on this weekend, in the final 20 we're not hands-on-hips huffing and wheezing, which naturally correlates to a sharper mind. Not being mentally tired is half the reason we're able to charge up 80 metres for a drop goal twice in a row, or find touch regularly and regroup in defence, etc.

    Seems like a no-brainer, I can never understand why this wasn't implemented earlier.

    But hey, at least it's happening.
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    Things never have made sense. This mob dominated lower grades. Relentlessly. But then once they got to first grade they never clicked.

    Looks to me it’s been a fitness issue. Keep pounding them, how good would it be if this is finally the flashing light bulb moment to awakening the Warriors.
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    Part of why it's taken so long to sought out fitness issues, is that our management have had too much to say on what the Footballing department needs.

    Our past CEO was prepared to let Ivan walk, because he thought Ivan should be happy with a two year contract.

    Same CEO tried to force Craig Bellamy to break his word to Melbourne.

    Those are examples of management over stepping their limits. The CEO should never interfere in the footballing dept.

    Something similar happened with Jim Doyle bringing Foran here. He probably had SKs approval but...its better for the CEO to be out of the picture and stay in their lane. Doyle had the good sense to step away and bring in someone proffesional to bridge the needs of the footballing dept and the CEO by putting Brian Smith between the CEO and the head coach.

    This way if Kearney says we need Alex Corvo, no one questions Kearney when someone like Brian Snith delivers the message ' Stephen wants Alex Corvo...get on to it'

    Coaches having to justify themselves directly to administrators is an ill culture, coaches will eventually give up on asking for things ..its human nature if you have to keep going cap in hand.

    The Warriors made the head coaching position so insecure and unsupported, that Auxillary staff whoes fates are tied to the coaches are not likely to end up being first choice picks.

    Bringing in Smith has further anchored Kearney to the club, its reinforcement of a long term relationship between Kearney and the Warriors.

    I wonder if RTS has an out clause around SK remaining coach...I especially wonder about Harris since Kearney convinced him to come here and be a star, be a leader...away from the big 3 culture of Melbourne.

    The biggest compliment to Kearney is that his Kiwi international Loyals...are playing the games of their lives....their love and devotion to the great man is now even rivaling Bennett and Uncle Craig's relationships with their leaders.

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