XXXX State Challenge - Regional Rep Comp - Last held 2012 .....Will we see it again anytime soon ?

Discussion in 'QRL Competitions' started by The Partisan, Jan 20, 2018.

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    Digging through some old footy stuff I found my program from the BSDRL thrashing of Toowoomba in one of the 2012 XXXX Challenge semi finals. Being a former Toowoomba resident ( and Twmba schoolboys rep !!!) it was hard to watch. :(

    Anyhoos ......I wonder why it has never been revived ? Costs ? Poor crowds ? Player feedback ? Clubs feedback ?

    Personally i think should be revamped ....though maybe break up the BSDRL along Local Government Area boundaries with teams being from Brisbane, Moreton, Logan and Redlands.

    If nothing else it brings a bit of variety into the rep season.

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