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  1. 2010

    Zac Lomax

    Lomax should be our number 4 going forward, was a standout last week, he will only get better when we have a decent coach.
  2. 2010

    Dragons To Break Away From Illawarra.

    Some group just bought the Illawarra Hawks and it’s now known as just the Hawks Oh joy if that can happen to our club
  3. 2010

    Round 7 v Roosters

    I hate when our team gets beat but after the last few years I have no expectations of winning I need that winning feeling again. I have a bottle of Makers Mark waiting till we get rid of McIdiot and back to where we belong I still believe we should be back at Kogarah our spiritual home
  4. 2010

    James Graham

    Graham was a tryer with a big heart, it’s a pity he wasn’t signed 5 years ago He has been taking a position that one of our juniors could have had But all the best James, you are a true legend and the passion you displayed didn’t do your reputation any harm at all
  5. 2010

    The Rumours Thread

    Apart from a new coach we need a decent coach in the CC, he has to be able to work with all players, in particular the ones that will transition to first grade A new first grade coach won’t be like McIdiot and pick the same players even though they have shifty games We need to be professional on...
  6. 2010

    Hunt's price tag

    The only positive thing about McIdiot that he will soon be gone from our club, the sooner the better We need a new coach that will clear out the deadwood, don’t buy any player that is past it at another club Make sure the CC coach has the role of transitioning the CC players to first grade Not...
  7. 2010

    The Rumours Thread

    Is this Muzby only thread,
  8. 2010

    One to watch: Jason Saab

    I think Saab will turn out to be a very good winger, pity he will be with another club
  9. 2010

    James Graham

    I think the way he has been playing Dufty is improving every game. The only fullback I would want is Tedesco, but I doubt he wants to tarnish his ability He is one of the best fullbacks in many a year
  10. 2010

    Round 7 v Roosters

    I just hope we put on a sound display and not give up It’s said that any team can beat the other team on any given time Unfortunately that doesn’t apply to our team, we beat ourselves If we do win it will be a win for the ages
  11. 2010

    The Swamp II

    I thought Avocado’s had a shelf life of 3 days Your time is up
  12. 2010

    Round 6 - Rabbitohs vs Warriors: Friday 19th June 6pm @Bankwest Stadium

    The cameras should be banned in the rooms before and after the match as well as the proposed interview with the players at half time. It was a disgrace shoeing Mitchell after the game and what a disgrace the Fox team going on and on about it.
  13. 2010

    Round 7 v Roosters

    Going into the game with no expectations of a win, but hopeful we make a game of it
  14. 2010

    Round 6 v Titans

    Disappointing second half, but I’ll take the win, could be the last oneL for the next 3 weeks Lomax played great
  15. 2010

    The Rumours Thread

    Can’t see. Belllamy coming here, we are a basket case