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  1. applesauce

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    The NRL should hold onto it at any cost. It is the future and our ticket out from underneath the broadcasters over the next decade.
  2. applesauce

    2020 Membership

    Despite claiming this is discussion that people here want to have, you will get railed for being too negative. The forum suffers from a very myopic mentality.
  3. applesauce

    3 Conference 18 Team League & Expansion

    I wouldn't an all Sydney division. I also corrected conference to division. Conference playoffs suck with 18 teams. The finals wouldn't differ from the current format. It would just be the makeup of the top 8 based on winning or coming second in division and the 2 next best records. Seeding of...
  4. applesauce

    3 Conference 18 Team League & Expansion

    Sorry, made and assumption. IMO the top 2 from each conference advance to finals. Last two spots taken up by teams with the next best record (wild card teams). Resembling the NFL. Conference (actually ‘division’) games become more valuable, adding to rivalries. And more teams have a...
  5. applesauce

    3 Conference 18 Team League & Expansion

    More teams in finals contention for longer.
  6. applesauce

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    Could look a lot better on the Broncos jersey:
  7. applesauce

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    That's half of the Roosters crowds, and all of the Waratahs crowd. Sounds like a solution to me. /s
  8. applesauce

    Richo's Vision

    You have to pair it with divisions to increase the number of teams in play for finals spots throughout the season. Otherwise if becomes something more akin to college football where losses are so costly you won't make the playoffs even early in season.
  9. applesauce

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Townsville seat colour scheme...
  10. applesauce

    2018-2022 Media Deal $ Value

    Hopefully. He is also has the potential of being squeezed by the Murdoch Media for coverage of racing or negative press (given they would know where some of the bodies are burried regarding the underbelly of Racing NSW) if he doesn't bend to their will with the NRL rights.
  11. applesauce

    Matty Johns Podcast

    Where was the producer pulling him aside and saying you won't be on this week?
  12. applesauce

    Peter Beattie

    Much like his QLD premiership.
  13. applesauce

    2018-2022 Media Deal $ Value

    I’m not sure if people on this forum wilfully or ignorantly ignore the connection between crowds, disposable income and TV rights. Even if the AFL have 15% less Fox subscribers what if they have 30% more disposable income than the equivalent NRL subscriber? Not only that, NRL ratings are...
  14. applesauce

    2018-2022 Media Deal $ Value

    Cannot come soon enough.
  15. applesauce

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Saw these posted on SkyscraperCity, couldn't find them in this thread.