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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    Due to a lack of running backrowers I would choose Kerr and Vaughan as backrowers in 2020. Team Dufty Matt Fegai Ravalawa Zac Lomax Ramsey Sullivan Clune Mc Innes Vaughan Kerr Ellis Hunt Lawrie Bench Ford Blacker Tariq Sims Gale
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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    Sad to see Host go but I guess they had to make a choice between Ford and Host the former being 22 against Host at 24. I would say that Ford is faster and more aerobic and makes more metres and is slightly better defensively whereas Host has a better try scoring ability of 5 vs Ford 1 and runs...
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    Dean Young Joins Cowboys on 3 year Deal

    It is good that Young joined North Queensland which is far from Sydney. What were his strengths as a coach? The forwards were poor and the defence was poor and the attack disorganised and only existent with brilliant individual forays by Dufty, Lomax or Widdop. Young seemed more like a team...
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    The Rumours Thread

    We should get Timm back as he runs hard.
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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    DS definitely strange circumstances.
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    More Dragons drama as Tristan Sailor looks for exit

    Hopefully Norman is next out the door.We probably had a choice between Sailor and Dufty and they chose Dufty who is bigger than Sailor.
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    So...What Is Our 'Culture"?

    Our culture was to exude pride in performance and play tough and exciting football since the 1950's. Since Bennett left the the standard has been that the coaches accepted mediocre play and little application. The players need to apply themselves 100% not 50% or less. Hopefully Griffin will...
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    Jackson Sherab

    Sherab also reminds me of Reddy. Lanky, long strides and kind of gallops. I saw Reddy at a trial at Jubilee and he and Goodwin were two of the standouts. We definitely have some promising juniors excluding Saab. Millward has done well in lining up juniors but the idiot coaches would never use...
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    Round 20 vs Storm

    Play Aitken wing and Feagai centre.
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    Round 20 vs Storm

    Not bad 11 locals in the first 13. Lucky we did not hire Young who has a 20% winning ratio 10% less than Mc Gregor this year.
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    Round 20 vs Storm

    What about Jake Marketo?
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    Round 20 vs Storm

    Pereira and Williame were shocking along with Norman and Hunt.
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    Round 20 vs Storm

    I know then Head should have been appointed Interim Coach. At least he won the Minor Premiership for the Canterbury Cup last year.
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    Round 20 vs Storm

    Young is a waste of space. Griffin should have been appointed immediately.
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    2021 - Squad, Signings, Re-signings

    Mc Gregor was treated like a child despite having had nine years' coaching in the NRL. Ryan Webb has now sorted the coaching fiasco out but now needs to address the Pathways System as this has been a great disappointment. Over the past few years St. George District players have received no...