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  1. Hills Dragon

    Round 14 vs Cowboys

    There’s probably not many people in their forum who are actually literate.
  2. Hills Dragon

    Round 8 vs Tigers

    Is there a live stream of the KEO cup today? I know there was yesterday v the Bears.
  3. Hills Dragon

    Round 7 V Roosters

    I don’t think we’ll see Sullivan playing at all next week. He got knocked into next week in NSW Cup yesterday and appeared to be out cold being attended to by medical staff for a long time before being taken off. He was playing well before that.
  4. Hills Dragon

    Round 7 V Roosters

    He had a cracking game in NSW Cup yesterday.
  5. Hills Dragon

    Round 7 V Roosters

    You did want to toot your own horn.😂
  6. Hills Dragon

    Team vs Eels Trial Game 1

    He’s got a minor leg injury. Hamstring I think.
  7. Hills Dragon

    Generation next is key to the Dragons' revival

    So Suli hasn‘t trained well?
  8. Hills Dragon

    2022 - First - Last. Or somewhere in between.

    Potentially Sloan, Amone, Lomax, Ravalawa and Hunt.Maybe even Sullivan. But not many sides have a Tommy Turbo equivalent.
  9. Hills Dragon

    2022 - First - Last. Or somewhere in between.

    I think the side showed a lot of promise in 2021, despite consistently playing the worst 5/8 in the NRL, a woefully inconsistent fullback, a massive number of suspensions, injuries, distractions, and De Belin only coming into the squad well into the season and without having trained with the...
  10. Hills Dragon

    Round 11 v Sharks

    Norman is the new McCrone. Both terrible players who kept getting picked for no apparent reason. It’s actually worse with Norman though as he’s getting paid way more than McCrone and he keeps Clune, who is a much better half, out of the team!
  11. Hills Dragon

    R5 eels

    I took my 12 year old son to the game at BankWest along with some Eels supporter friends. After all the wank that the Eels went on with before the game, my son says in front of our friends "Gee Dad, I can see why you always call this place WankFest."
  12. Hills Dragon

    Widdop is Returning to NRL

    Stephen Hawking would have been a massive upgrade on Norman.
  13. Hills Dragon

    Matt & Max Feagai

    Everybody relax. I'm sure MacYoung will give them every opportunity in the top grade, just like he is for Sailor, unless of course there's some top quality player holding down the position, like a Thurston, a Smith or a Norman.
  14. Hills Dragon

    Who to replace Widdop as captain?

    I personally would probably go for Graham and Hunt as co-captains, particularly with Frizell injured and De Belin gone. It's hard to give an informed opinion without knowing what these guys are like off the field and how the other players respond to them.
  15. Hills Dragon

    Finals Week 2 vs Souths

    You're kidding aren't you? It should have been a Dragons penalty. Everyone but you and the dickhead ref think that.

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