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  1. JB04

    2021 R19 Sun - St Geo Illa 10-32 Gold Coast @ Cbus Super

    Listening to Billy Moore makes me want to cough
  2. JB04

    2021 R19 Sun - St Geo Illa 10-32 Gold Coast @ Cbus Super

    Nobody: Blocker: "Jeez he can play this kid"
  3. JB04

    2021 R19 Sat - Penrith 18-12 Brisbane @ Suncorp

    Winner of this wins the Pangai Pennant
  4. JB04

    Rumoured Signings

    Hetherington now got a pal to go to the judiciary with him every second week, bless
  5. JB04

    2021 R18 Sat - Canberra 34-18 Cronulla @ Cbus Super

    hahaha sucked in Mulitalo, couldn't happen to a better grub. Wooo Raiders!
  6. JB04

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    Two games in NSW next year (one in Sydney, one in Newcastle) and the other in Melbourne. Anything less is a disgrace.
  7. JB04

    2021 R16 Sun - Brisbane 26-18 Cronulla @ Suncorp

    Lost it over the line hahaha suck shit. Couldn't happen to a better person
  8. JB04

    2021 Game I - NSW 50-6 QLD @ QCBS Townsville

    What a game. Suck shit Anastasia Palletjack
  9. JB04

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    Fire up the thread, RIP Bulldogs
  10. JB04

    2021 R13 Fri - Wests Tigers 26-6 Penrith @ Leichhardt

    I’ve deadset seen this countless times before. against a much weakened team, plenty to play for, in front of a rowdy Leichhardt crowd strap yourselves in for a loss lads. And it’ll be a disappointing loss too. A pea hearted loss with a Bitta BJ boneheadedness to top it all off
  11. JB04

    2021 R13 Fri - Wests Tigers 26-6 Penrith @ Leichhardt

    Tigers: “hold my beer” real talk though, I’m totally expecting my team to let me down for the 37,345th time
  12. JB04

    Opinion Penrith

    Good grief they play some brilliant footy but minus To’o, Momirovski and Yeo they’re a bunch of A grade f**k heads
  13. JB04

    2021 R1 Sat - Sydney 46-4 Manly @ SCG

    I don't feel so special about beating Manly two weeks ago now...
  14. JB04

    Match Discussion: Round 1 vs Canberra @ GIO Stadium Canberra

    No Croker is huge, he usually carves us up. Also supposed to be raining so that really will give us more of a chance, I’d imagine