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  • Hay (horses eat it), Quigs.
    Didya ever get around to sending me those copies of the 58 & 62 Oz v Poms Tests as well as the 62 Poms v Saints game?
    The Popper.
    PS: Just read your stats. Bloody hell. I was drinking piss in pubs 3 years after you were born. You young whippersnapper.
    Boarding school eh greg.... that could explain a lot.

    But you are slowly coming good.

    We will get you to the dark side soon


    i used to eat spam at boarding school.

    now my wife makes me 'pretend spam'.

    the joys of life!
    You blokes I can't get my old head around these new things in here.

    What's the go.

    Are you spam gregstar.

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