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  1. Silent Knight

    2022 Team

    But but…he’s a good trainer. This “proposed strategy” would be so easy to coach against. All the opposition would need to do is rush up on Spazwing at first receiver and I guarantee he will just take the tackle. Our attack will become even more of a joke because before it was our outside backs...
  2. Silent Knight

    Rumoured Targets 3

    I wouldn't go that far Yosh. We did resign Kurt Mann, Lachlan Fitzgibbon and Tex Hoy. The Knights are always focussed on meeting their plod quota every year.
  3. Silent Knight

    2022 Team

    The only thing Spazwing fights over is his own feet.
  4. Silent Knight

    Rumoured Targets 3

    Signing Simple Jack would muh muh make me happy.
  5. Silent Knight

    Knights 2021/22 Off-Season

    You wonder what the likes of Brailey, the Saifitis and Klem would be thinking when Spazwing is in the middle with them flapping his arms about like a demented duck and falling over his own feet trying to make a tackle. Coach’s pet.
  6. Silent Knight

    Rumoured Targets 3

    I guess I should just concede I won’t see another Knights premiership in my lifetime if we’re going to continue our proud tradition of rewarding mediocrity.
  7. Silent Knight

    Rumoured Targets 3

    Lachlan Fitzgibbon is a seasoned campaigner and is just what the Cowboys need. He’ll be a wingman for The Chad. Kind of like Maverick and Goose. I can picture the giant NIB logo floating above Townsville.
  8. Silent Knight

    Knights Draw 2022

    I wouldn't have Souffs in the upper echelon of teams anymore since their linchpin Adam Reynolds is gone and they have a rookie coach in charge. Could be a few lols next year.
  9. Silent Knight

    2022 jersey

    Well if we are on our way out of the top 8 next season might as well have a jersey that reflects it. Glad I bought my 2021 heritage jersey. Won’t need another one for a while.
  10. Silent Knight

    Rumoured Targets 3

  11. Silent Knight

    Mitchell Pearce - Contract Situation

    This would actually work when you consider that Spazwing either drops the ball, throws a hospital pass or just takes the tackle when we have an overlap usually at the very first opportunity. Who needs a separate fullback, 5/8, halfback or supersub when Spazwing will deliver what the coach...
  12. Silent Knight

    Knights Land Gagai

    I’ll come if you can smuggle Clint Dogg and his valuable DJ equipment over the border so he can impress us with his mad mixing skills at your party…
  13. Silent Knight

    Rumoured Targets 3

    The sooner Tex Hoy is playing in the local league the better. Joey can then talk him up for fullback, 5/8, whatever position he wants to play. Go for it. The bottom line is Tex is not an NRL player, and never will be.
  14. Silent Knight

    Match Discussion: Finals Week 1 vs Parramatta @ Browne Park

    Ditto, there would be a lot more Knights supporters in Brisbane than there would be up in Rockhampton. I'm also tired of the lip service paid to the regions and all this waffle about them being "true rugby league people". What aren't the people of Brisbane rugby league people? I understand...

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