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Recent content by the_flight_of_the_magpie

  1. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    When you die the Broncos want part of your estate

    If you are a Broncos fan the Broncos want you to gift them part of your estate
  2. the_flight_of_the_magpie


    Dean Pay says hello #PayOut
  3. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    WSDJRL Broke

    Well done Wests Tigers
  4. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Mr Massoud

    He has a new career selling ice cream on the Northern Beaches of Sydney
  5. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Rumoured Signings

    Foran to return to Manly
  6. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Lock Manly in for the spoon

    in 5 years Manly will be in cap trouble again because of Des
  7. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Lock Manly in for the spoon

    this couldnt happen to a more deserving team or fan base
  8. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    2018 - PREMIERS - Roosters 21-6 Storm @ ANZ

    he wont he wants to be the first player to 400 games
  9. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Josh Starling is the hero we didnt know we needed

    Josh Starling giving it to The Mole and moley having a sook about it
  10. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Mad Monday

    Feguson, Lodge, Pangai Jr, Tetevano, Fonua Blake and Packer are all still playing and have all done far more bad things than the Bulldogs mad monday did
  11. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Mad Monday

    is some one going to break it to him he is going to a club that has a woman beater on the books
  12. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Mad Monday

  13. the_flight_of_the_magpie

    Mad Monday