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  • Hi true saint. I'm a pilot with qantas taking the 21 to narita tomorrow night.
    U live anywhere close by. Love to catch u for a beer one day and talk footie.
    Regards hewi
    Hi Tru there are a lot of wankers on this forum. You are one of the gentlemen and enjoy your posts. But when people get personal and bring in someones family that has nothing to do with it then for me they are definitely out of line. So buddy dont give them the satisfaction and leave, have a break and come back we need people like you on this forum.......
    Hey Tru

    What specific section are those seats in? We have exactly 5 people renewing and are currently wallowing out in the northern upper grandstand in the ingoal, paying the Gold membership. It would be awesome to maybe be able to take their seats by way of writing a letter etc

    Any information would be helpful as to the location of their seats.


    Cheers Bud,

    It's good fun, and easily the best Forum in NRL ...and I feel like I've made a few new mates - yourself included. Hope one day we can get to a game together and laugh, not cry, over a beer.
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