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  • Hey Twizzle,

    Xman has been banned for 6 months now.

    Any chance he could come back on probation. He promises to contribute constructively to the AFL board as well.
    I see you opted to remove my contact details from a post (journalist looking to contact people about OzTam TV ratings). I appreciate that many (most?) people aren't aware of the risks, and it is kind of you to protect novices from themselves. As it turns out, I'm aware of the risks of posting contact details on the web; I write about privacy and IT security. However, my work details aren't a state secret, nor do I think journalists SHOULD be difficult to reach and be held accountable for their work. But, as I say, I appreciate your motives.

    can you please text me your number again.
    I've changed phones and lost the old one.

    Cheers, Suity
    TwizMan! Do you happen to remember legallyblonde's last name or know anyone that would? I know that it's Kim/berly.. but I can't for the life of me remember her last name and I want to get in contact with her!!
    Hoping you can help.
    I have sent a couple of PMs to The Front Row Forum about our greyhound syndicates for 2011,
    We are having one for each NRL team and AFL team. I was hopeing to advertise the ideas here in return for some shares in other syndicates being donated as prizes for competitions etc.
    If the FRONT ROW FORUM username even an active person??
    Kind Regards,
    G'day Twizz

    I just sent the 2011 NRL Transactions email through to and it's come back as 'A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients' again. Can you please confirm that you have got it?

    Hey Twizz.
    given that Boxy has started a new 2011/12 signings thread, do you think we should sticky it and unstick the old one?

    Me never bored, i Just wanted to see how on the ball you were with your LU duties, gotta hand it to you twiz your quick
    Hi Twizzle

    Can you please accept my application to join the parrallel dimension group and tell me what street balmain leagues club is on. By the way sorry for the wardrobe malfunction in the Hot Women Thread; let one slip there, didn't see it there ehh


    PJ Marshal
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