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10 years ago today.... The storm lost two premierships

with the nucleus of a roster that was assembled while cheating the cap. IMO the NRL should have gutted their roster completely and made them start from scratch.

They didn't do that to the Dogs in 2002. And the Dogs still managed to squeeze in Andrew Ryan (a SOO player too) in the off season.


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Storm fans didn't start this thread. The hypocrisy when it comes to bashing Melbourne is f**king hilarious.

As a storm fan I'll always admit, our cheating was horrendous. But we served our time, our punishment was swift and if it they were any worse we'd probably cease to exist.

Other clubs since then have cheated (one via systematic doping...) but apparently that's all behind us now and the poor players were just scapegoats.

I think people would have only been truly satisfied if we folded or fell into a heap after that and just plodded along like the Titans tbh.

I mean it's obviously related to the success of the cheating. Nobody really cares that Parra cheated because they lolParra'd it and won themselves a 9's title and a spoon. Imaging if the Roosters or the Broncos of 15+ years ago were found to be cheating, they'd be hated as much as the Storm. If Tigers did though? Well.... they did better than Parra I guess.

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