2013 Season Draw

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    Morning all Forum 7 teams!

    Please find attached the draw for this season, including scheduled games with full time noted and representative games.

    I'm looking forward to the 2013 season. If you have any questions regarding the draw, please feel free to drop me a PM so we can discuss. Otherwise, best of luck to all players and teams for the 2013 season!

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    2013 Forum 7's Finals Schedule!

    Top Four Teams at the end of the Regular Season make the Finals.

    Semi Finals (18/08/13 - 02/09/13 @ 9pm)
    GAME A: Team #1 vs Team #2
    GAME B: Team #3 vs Team #4

    Preliminary Finals (08/09/13 - 23/09/13 @ 9pm)
    GAME C: Loser of Game A vs Winner of Game B

    Grand Final (29/09/13 - 14/10/13 @ 9pm)
    GAME D: Winner of Game A vs Winner of Game C

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